A collective of storytellers

Our team consists of filmmakers, musicians and artists who all share a passion for video. We've all been friends and working together over the past 5 years and over that time have developed a shared language for visual storytelling.


Andy Assaf

Founder and Creative Director
Loves embroidery

After finishing film studies, Andy fell in love with wedding storytelling. The freedom to tell truly personal stories that he could see the impact of firsthand was deeply rewarding and what's kept him in the game for almost 5 years.

Andy is also a regular performer and creator at Montreal Improv, a community improvised theatre space in Montreal, Qc.

Jesse Daniel Smith

Human Swiss Army Knife
Video Producer
Singer-Songwriter/1 Man Band
Owns a pug

Jesse co founded Hello, I make films, Andy and his first wedding production house. A self taught video guru, Jesse also is an extremely talented label signed musician.

His new record, I Almost Went to College and Got a Job is due out this summer

Caleb Smith

Production Assistant
Audio Specialist
Not Jesse's Brother

After graduating from Jazz performance at McGill, Caleb self taught himself how to do video to promote the various music projects he's a part of.

Originally from Ontario, Caleb is quickly becoming more and more of a Montreal native with every poutine he eats.

Chanho Bang

Resident "Cool Dude"
Video Editor
Multi modal artist
Loves hip hop

Chanho is an expert at being extremely stylish and it shows in his video work too.

Co-founder of Chivalric Pictures, Chanho is probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet, if Chanho isn't doing video he's making eclectic electronic music or co creating art installations. Either way, just look at him. Cool dude.